At this point, it’s likely you’ve heard about the issue of climate change and the worldwide effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Melting ice-caps and sea-level rise. Heavy monsoons and destructive fires. Hotter summers and colder winters. We are already seeing these headlines on the news, so it’s safe to say that climate change is a serious threat to our way of life.

At a national level, the Biden administration has put climate change policy at the center of the US domestic and international agenda. At the state level, 19 states have implemented policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But solving the issue is going to take more than government policy. Corporations, banks, industries, businesses, and individual consumers will all need to contribute.

Daunting news — the adoption rate of energy-efficiency improvements must triple if the US is to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Good news — technology to reduce carbon emissions is currently available.

Great news — Skyven Technologies is positioned to help businesses implement cost-effective energy adjustments so that they run more efficiently and reduce their carbon emissions.

Optimize Energy Efficiency

Looking at ways to reduce energy demand through optimized energy usage is a great way to improve resource management, save on utility costs, and reduce carbon emissions.

Reducing wasted heat energy is a significant driver in lowering the amount of energy needed to operate. Depending on the operation and industry, measures to improve thermal energy efficiency look different from business to business.

  • Improving insulation or mechanisms to maintain ideal temperature.
  • Repurposing warm exhaust to preheat fluids in other parts of the industrial cycle.
  • Implementing Combined Heat And Power technology that uses heat byproduct from electrical generation as thermal energy for other processes.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, yet looking at energy efficiency measures is often a critical piece in comprehensive energy solutions. Capturing otherwise wasted heat energy prevents unnecessary energy consumption, which leads to lower utility costs and fewer emissions.

Move To Electrification

Electrification may not always be a cost-effective strategy for industries requiring high-temperature processes, such as iron and steel manufacturing. But for those with moderate temperature requirements — like the food and textile industries — undergoing electrification with technologies such as heat pumps and electric boilers has proven to be a cost-effective approach in establishing cleaner, healthier working environments.

While not practical for all industry sectors, replacing fossil-fuel powered industrial processes with those powered by electricity can be a smart approach to reducing dependency on fossil fuels and improving air quality.

Transition To Alternative Fuel Sources

Other sources outside of fossil fuels can be used to generate heat for industrial processes.

  • Solar thermal — utilization of the sun’s heat energy to warm fluids and power industrial operations.
  • Biogas — a renewable fuel supply from the decomposition of organic matter that can curtail methane emissions and serve as a complement to natural gas as the economy progresses towards decarbonization.
  • Geothermal — direct use of the planet’s heat to satisfy industrial processes.

By no means an exhaustive list, the above examples show that there are creative alternatives to the traditional way of heating our industrial operations.

Skyven’s ability to identify viable alternative power sources for industrial heat processes brings US industry that much closer to sustainability and to positively moving the needle on climate change.


Calling Those Ready To Lead

Recognizing each business has its own energy needs and operational processes, Skyven takes a comprehensive look at a business’s facility, operations, and energy management in order to deliver a tailored set of comprehensive energy solutions.

These solutions not only have the power of reducing utility costs, but they also signal to the world that the business is rising to the occasion and playing its role in the imminent battle against climate change.

With Skyven overseeing the energy adjustments, businesses can maintain focus on what they do best. Together, Skyven and industrial companies will create a cleaner, more productive economy that will make US industries more energy efficient, sustainable, and profitable.

All that’s needed… businesses having the courage to step up and be energy leaders. To be part of the solution. To be a star player in this imminent race between greater sustainability and costly climate change.

If your business is ready to save money and cement its legacy as a leader, feel free to connect with Skyven Technologies today and we will facilitate the profitable decarbonization of your business.