A Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence

Galileo: Decarbonization Modeling Tool

Galileo is a first-of-its-kind software modeling tool that rapidly scopes industrial decarbonization projects and completes conceptional engineering. Done in hours instead of months of on-site consultation.

Reduce Front End Engineering time and costs by over 90%.

Advantages of Skyven’s Galileo Decarbonization Modeling Software

Cutting-Edge A.I.

Designed for Powerful Effect

  • Built for rapid front-end engineering (FEE) of decarbonization project viability at manufacturing facilities
  • Empowered by our growing database of digital twin models for a wide variety of manufacturing processes
  • Driven by our Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR) engine
A pensive-looking man sitting at a desk with three monitors opened to different Skyvent pages
An Immediate Advantage

Rapid Insights

  • Results within 1-2 hours of answering plant level questions
  • Automated conceptual engineering and scoping
  • Quantified carbon, energy, and cost savings for each project
  • Additional engineering insights into each project
An Intuitive Process

Data-Driven Precision from a Distance

  • Galileo is performed remotely, with experienced users from the Skyven team inputting site-level data provided by plant personnel
  • Exact data (ie, HMI screens) is preferred, but rough estimates will work
  • Results generated after 1-2 hours with someone knowledgeable about current plant equipment and energy consumption (plant engineer, maintenance manager, etc.)

Galileo is Transforming Decarbonization

Galileo has identified over 4.3 million metric tons of potential greenhouse gas savings and over $480 million in potential fuel cost savings at over 130 facilities.

“Galileo works for industrial manufacturers to rapidly scope projects and drastically decrease the time and costs associated with front end engineering.”

Giang La

Director of Software Product

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