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Skyven’s cutting-edge industrial steam generating heat pump provides decarbonized steam by turning your waste heat into usable energy. This enables you to save on operating costs while implementing more sustainable industrial practices, contributing to the energy transition and enhancing energy efficiency.

And there is no CapEx required.

Skyven will design, fund, install, and maintain our steam generating heat pump at your facility, with zero downtime. Our process is supported through our rapid software modeling tool, IoT data monitoring, and innovative EaaS financial model to enable your facilities to mitigate greenhouse gasses and save money.

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Decarbonized Steam for Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Skyven Arcturus line of industrial steam-generating heat pumps can help your company reach its net zero emissions goals.

Our heat pumps capture low temperature heat rejected from industrial processes, increase the temperature of that heat, and then use it to generate steam at the same temperature, pressure, and quality of existing boilers.

This process significantly lowers on-site CO2 emissions from industrial steam and decreases your company’s energy costs by addressing carbon dioxide emissions through carbon capture, utilization, and storage.

Ready to reduce your operating expenses and reduce carbon emissions?

Skyven Arcturus Industrial Heat Pump
Decarbonization solution and project insights
A.I. Decarbonization Tool

Galileo: AI Tool for Scoping Industrial Decarbonization Projects

Starting your industrial decarbonization journey to achieve net zero emissions goals does not have to be costly, timely, and complex.

Galileo, a first-of-its-kind software modeling tool, rapidly scopes industrial decarbonization projects and completes conceptual engineering in mere hours.

Our modeling software supports your decarbonization project by:

  • Significantly decreasing time and money spent on front-end engineering
  • Automating conceptual engineering and scoping
  • Quantifying carbon, energy, and cost savings for each proposed project
  • Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions from various industrial activities

Start your decarbonization journey with key project insights.

Real-Time Reporting

IoT Data Monitoring for Real-Time, Facility Level Reporting

We provide real-time reporting, so you can see exactly how much money and carbon you’ve saved – with data to back it up. The industrial sector greatly benefits from real-time reporting, enabling various industries to monitor and reduce carbon emissions effectively.

Instant insights include data-backed carbon reporting and financial metrics that allow you to measure, verify, and report on actual energy savings in real time.

Ready to learn how we can help you implement seamless industrial decarbonization solutions to help you reduce your carbon emissions while creating a positive impact on your bottom line?

Carbon emissions reporting screen

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Industrial heat pumps capture and utilize low-grade waste heat from industrial processes to generate high-quality steam without the need for additional fossil fuels. By reducing reliance on traditional boilers, which often burn natural gas and emit greenhouse gasses, industrial heat pumps significantly lower carbon emissions. This aligns with sustainability goals by helping companies decrease their carbon footprint and contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

Additionally, using renewable electricity to power these heat pumps can further enhance sustainability by transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy sources.

Implementing industrial heat pumps, such as the Skyven Arcturus industrial steam generating heat pump, can lead to substantial cost savings for industrial companies. By utilizing waste heat from existing processes, companies can reduce their dependence on fossil fuels like natural gas. Additionally, Skyven Arcturus leverages high coefficients of performance (COPs) to counteract price differences between electricity and natural gas, resulting in lower energy consumption and reduced utility bills. Over time, these cost savings can translate into significant financial benefits for companies.

Skyven Arcturus industrial heat pumps significantly improve the energy efficiency of facilities by capturing and utilizing waste heat that would otherwise be lost. By leveraging high coefficients of performance (COPs), The Skyven Arcturus line of industrial steam generating heat pumps minimizes energy waste and reduces overall energy consumption.

Skyven offers advanced control systems and optimization features to further enhance the performance and efficiency of Arcturus, helping clients achieve their energy efficiency goals.

Skyven Arcturus transforms industrial waste heat into boiler-quality steam, resulting in zero on-site emissions. Leveraging high efficiencies, Arcturus effectively addresses the cost disparity between electricity and natural gas, enabling industrial manufacturers nationwide to decrease their emissions in a cost-effective manner.

Industrial heat pumps are not all alike. Some replace existing boilers, thereby having to be integrated into the facilities existing process, which can create extra cost and downtime.

The Skyven Arcturus line of steam generating heat pumps can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure with minimal disruption to operations. Skyven Arcturus sits completely outside of your facility and is connected to your building with three pipes.

Skyven’s team collaborates closely with clients to assess installation requirements, including space constraints, piping connections, and electrical needs. Installation considerations vary depending on the specific application and facility layout, but Skyven ensures a smooth and efficient integration process.

The Skyven Arcturus steam generating heat pumps can be combined with other renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or geothermal energy to further enhance sustainability efforts. By integrating multiple renewable energy technologies, companies can achieve greater energy independence, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and minimize their environmental impact.

Industrial heat pump systems must adhere to relevant regulatory requirements and industry standards to ensure safety, efficiency, and environmental compliance. Skyven Technologies ensures that its heat pump systems meet all applicable regulations and standards, providing clients with peace of mind and confidence.

Industrial heat pump systems from Skyven Technologies are designed for durability and reliability, with an expected lifespan of several decades. Routine maintenance, including inspections, cleaning, and servicing of components, is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Skyven provides comprehensive maintenance plans and support services for the life of the contract to help clients maximize the lifespan of their heat pump systems and ensure continuous operations.

Industrial heat pump technology offers scalability to accommodate future growth or changes in operations. Skyven’s heat pump systems can be scaled up or down to match evolving steam demand, making them flexible and adaptable to changing business needs. Whether expanding production capacity or transitioning to new processes, industrial heat pumps provide a versatile solution for long-term sustainability.

IoT Data Monitoring offered by Skyven Technologies provides facility-level reporting and monitoring capabilities, allowing organizations to track their progress towards decarbonization goals. It helps in identifying areas for improvement, optimizing energy usage, and maximizing cost savings.

Ready to Decarbonize Your Industrial Steam?

Skyven can help you decrease your on-site emissions and save you money.

Skyven’s ability to design and implement these successful solutions with no cost and no interruption to our process was a vital component to success.

Darrin Monteiro

Vice President of Sustainability and Member Relations, California Dairies Inc.

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