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Decarbonized Steam

The Skyven Arcturus line of industrial steam-generating heat pumps captures low-temperature heat rejected from industrial processes, increases the temperature of that heat (as high as 420°F), and uses it to generate steam at the same temperature, pressure, and quality of existing boilers. Existing boilers remain in place as backup to provide system redundancy.

By decreasing, or even eliminating, the workload of existing boilers, Skyven Arcturus reduces your natural gas usage, significantly lowering on-site CO2 emissions from industrial steam.

No other technology can do the same.

Advantages of Skyven Steam-generating Heat Pumps

  • Connects directly into steam header and cooling water return

  • 3x efficiency compared to industry standard natural gas boilers (heat pump COP of 2.5, compared to COP of 0.83 for a boiler)

  • Operates entirely outside of the plant’s existing production processes

  • Reduces water usage, decreases wear & tear on cooling tower, and increases cooling capacity

  • Zero downtime during installation and maintenance

  • Zero emission refrigerant
    (GWP = 0)

Best-In-Class Skyven
Max Temp 320°F 420°F
Max Steam Pressure 50 psig 300 psig
Refrigerant HFC/HFO Water

First-of-Its Kind Software

Galileo is a first-of-its-kind software modeling tool that quickly identifies large opportunities for clean process heat at your plant, done in hours instead of months of an on-site consultation.

An Instant Advantage

  • Immediate results within 1-2 hours of answering plant-level questions
  • 2-5 large opportunities for emissions reduction and OpEx savings
  • Automated conceptual engineering and scoping
  • Quantified carbon, energy, and money savings for each project option
  • Additional engineering insights into each project

IoT Data Monitoring

We provide real-time reporting, so you can see exactly how much money and carbon has been saved with data to back it up. 

Instant Insights

  • Data-backed carbon reporting and financial metrics 
  • Measure, verify, and report on actual energy savings in real time 

Explore Solutions for Your Facility 

We’re here to help you exceed your sustainability goals. Our suite of cutting-edge technologies can help you decrease emissions and save money.  

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