All of the items that we consume on a daily basis, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear, require a tremendous amount of heat to be manufactured. Heat used in manufacturing emits ~22% of annual global GHG emissions.

To put it into perspective, that is more GHG emissions than all the cars, trucks, planes, ships, and trains in the world combined.

That is why we are on a mission to move the needle on climate change by decarbonizing industrial process heat. We are a thermal energy partner helping large manufacturing facilities meet climate and production goals, at no added cost.

What We Value

Passion, Hardwork & Drive: We are creating the future we want to see.

Accountability & Responsibility: We take initiative and ownership.

Trust & Respect: We treat each other as experts and leaders.

Collaboration: We lend a helping hand as we grow together.

Diversity: We believe that diversity builds stronger teams.

Customer obsession: We put the customer first.

Creative resourcefulness: We find creative solutions to challenging problems and readily adapt to dynamic environments

Directness & Transparency: We communicate candidly.

Integrity: We do the right thing.

Open Positions:

Product Development Engineer

Don’t see a job that fits your skill set? We are always looking for extraordinary individuals who can contribute to our growth and success. If you are passionate about industrial decarbonization and feel that you can add instant value to Skyven, please .