Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) Model

The Skyven Advantage

Unique Partnership

We identify, fund, and build decarbonization solutions, then maintain them for the life of our contract – at no cost to you.

Cutting-edge Technology

Our decarbonization technology is engineered with redundancy, helping you meet climate goals without affecting your operations.

Aligned Incentives

We align financial goals with emissions reductions, allowing us to both decarbonize profitably. We provide dashboards showing data-backed savings and carbon metrics.

Energy-as-a-Service Model

Six Steps to Clean Process Heat

Skyven takes on projects from engineering to operation to maintenance

Step 1: Galileo

Galileo is a first of its kind software modeling tool that rapidly scopes industrial decarbonization projects and completes conceptual engineering. This takes hours, instead of months.

Step 2: Thermal Energy Services Agreement (TESA)

The TESA is a mutual agreement between you and Skyven to move forward with your decarbonization project, at Skyven’s own cost, once the engineering design is approved by you.

Step 3: Engineering Design

After signing the TESA, Skyven completes a detailed Engineering Design for your decarbonization project.

Step 4: Design Approval

Skyven delivers the detailed Engineering Design for your review and approval. You approve or submit revisions, as needed. ​

​Skyven will not move forward until you approve the final engineering design.

Step 5: Project Execution

Skyven provides project management and completion of all implementation activities; including procurement, installation, and commissioning, at our own cost.

Step 6: Ongoing Maintenance

Skyven provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance at our own cost, for the duration of our service contract.​

​Our continuous, real-time IoT data monitoring allows us to provide data-backed carbon reporting and financial metrics for your equipment.

If you are interested in doing a traditional CapEx project to meet your decarbonization goals, please contact us. Our goal is to decarbonize industrial process heat, and we would love to discuss your plans.

Take the First Step Towards Profitable Industrial Decarbonization

Don’t let emissions reduction take time and energy from your production goals. Industrial decarbonization is crucial for achieving profitable decarbonization in sectors like aviation and marine. Join the ranks of forward-thinking companies turning waste heat into savings with Skyven Technologies.


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