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Skyven is an industrial decarbonization partner. We design, fund, and build thermal energy solutions specific to each unique facility. Then, we manage and maintain projects, staying involved every step of the way.

Our cutting-edge industrial steam generating heat pump supported by our rapid software modeling tool, IoT data monitoring, and innovative EaaS financial model helps large manufacturing facilities decrease emissions and save money. Through engineering and analysis, we only deploy projects that align financial, operational, and environmental goals.

Skyven has developed a first-of-its-kind software modeling tool (Galileo) that rapidly scopes industrial decarbonization projects and completes conceptual engineering. By inputting data points for your facility, Skyven’s Galileo software will generate and share an instant report, including how much carbon, energy, and money each project saves, as well as several additional considerations. This is done in hours, not months.

Skyven understands the importance of safety, quality, and throughput at your facility. We do not alter your current process. Our decarbonization technology is engineered with redundancy, helping you meet climate goals without affecting your operations.

Our decarbonization technology is engineered with redundancy, helping you meet climate goals without affecting your operations. Skyven projects can be installed while the plant is fully operational or during an already planned event, so no additional downtime required.  

Our systems are installed in parallel with your current process. Existing boilers and cooling towers remain in place as backup.  If our systems are underperforming, we are incentivized to fix problems right away. We align our financial goals with your emissions reductions.

Skyven takes project responsibility alongside your team. Our certified project managers oversee all aspects of the project and bring in additional Skyven and third-party resources as necessary to partner with your team. You can focus on your operations. 

Skyven understands that our system is installed at your facility, therefore you have absolute authority to approve the design, engineering, and choice of contractors.

Skyven structured our business around making sure that we are aligned with our customers. We share the savings based on the measured and verified energy delivered back into the plant – which means if the system underperforms, we make less money. If the equipment breaks, it is our responsibility to fix it.

Skyven is backed by a climate change investment fund that is focused exclusively on helping companies reduce the carbon footprint of their process heat. Skyven will also secure all of the grants and incentives we possibly can for these projects to make them as attractive as we can for both of us.

At the end of the agreement, you have a few options on how we move forward. This can all be discussed and determined during the process. 

There is no catch. The Energy-as-a-Service model is a different way to implement industrial capex projects. Skyven covers all project costs, including engineering, equipment, and installation, then we share the savings with you based on the amount of measured and verified energy saved onsite.

Skyven can provide zero cost decarbonization for projects with payback periods up to 5 years.

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Don’t let emissions reduction take time and energy from your production goals. Industrial decarbonization is crucial for achieving profitable decarbonization in sectors like aviation and marine. Join the ranks of forward-thinking companies turning waste heat into savings with Skyven Technologies.


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