A Powerful Breakthrough

Arcturus: Decarbonize Industrial Steam

The Skyven Arcturus line of industrial steam-generating heat pumps captures low temperature heat rejected from industrial processes, increases the temperature of that heat (as high as 420°F), and uses it to generate steam at the same temperature, pressure, and quality of existing boilers. Existing boilers remain in place as backup to provide system redundancy.

By decreasing, or even eliminating, the workload of existing boilers, Skyven Arcturus reduces your natural gas usage, significantly lowering on-site CO2 emissions from industrial steam.

No other technology can do the same.

Key Benefits

A cost-effective solution to decarbonizing industrial steam.

Best Economics

Leverages high efficiencies (COP) to outperform traditional boilers

Highest Temperature Lift

Upgrades low temperature heat to as high as 420°F (215°C) with a max lift of 330°F (166°C)


Standardized design and integration for replication across your facilities.

Simple, Streamlined

Optimized Energy Solutions

  • Seamless Installation: Independent of existing production processes.
  • Zero Downtime: Construction done while plant is operating. Connections made during scheduled maintenance.
  • Standardized Integration: Connects to steam headers and waste heat sources.
an upward shot of an industrial complex
a wide aerial shot of an industrial complex
Efficient, Eco-Friendly

Reduced Emissions, Improved Efficiency

  • Increased Efficiency: 3x more efficient than standard natural gas boilers.
  • High COP: Achieves higher COP and higher temperature lift than any other heat pump on the market.
  • Water Refrigerant: Inexpensive, non-toxic, 0 Global Warming Potential (GWP).
A Better Solution

How Skyven Arcturus Stacks Up

Generate high-quality, emissions-free industrial steam that’s cost-competitive today.

Best-In-Class Skyven
Max Temp 320°F 420°F
Max Steam Pressure 50 psig 300 psig
Refrigerant HFC/HFO Water

Arcturus Coefficient of Performance (COP)

Skyven Arcturus achieves a higher COP and a higher temperature lift than any other heat pump on the market.

COP is an expression of efficiency and varies as a function of heat source temperature, steam output pressure, and temperature lift. Arcturus achieves COPs ranging from 2.1 to more than 8.0 depending on temperature lift.
The chart below shows Arcturus COP’s at various heat source temperatures with common steam output pressures and temperatures.

Explore Arcturus for your Facility

We’re here to help you exceed your sustainability goals. The Skyven Arcturus line of steam-generating heat pumps can help you generate high-quality, emissions-free industrial steam that’s cost-competitive today.

Industrial heat pumps have the opportunity to improve efficiency and dramatically cut emissions from industrial thermal processes.

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