About Skyven


Skyven was founded to move the needle on climate change.


To decarbonize industrial process heat.


Decarbonization goes hand-in-hand with profitability.


We created our first product, the Intelligent Mirror Array (IMA™) – a cutting-edge solar thermal collector, specialized to meet industrial heating demands.

In the process of developing our IMA™, we’ve had the privilege of visiting hundreds of manufacturing plants across the country. We found that:  

  • Each plant is unique, there is no one product that fits all.   
  • Executing on sustainability poses a unique set of risks, operational and financial.   
  • Energy improvements take time and bandwidth, valuable resources manufacturers need to do what they do best.   

This realization made us who we are today: A thermal energy partner helping large manufacturing facilities decarbonize to meet climate goals at no added cost. 


A future of resilient, equitable, and sustainable energy use in industrial plants. It is a future where industrials capture the long-term value and disperse it to their surrounding communities. It is a future whereby 2030, we’ve halved industrial emissions in pursuit of limiting global warming to 1.5℃. 

We are

Thermal energy experts.
Industrial decarbonization leaders.

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Let’s Decarbonize, Together


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