Carbon emissions from industrial process heat are typically considered hard-to-abate for two main reasons: (1) projects are financially unattractive and (2) additional technology development is needed.

As a vertically integrated Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) and proprietary technology company, Skyven works with manufacturers to remove these barriers, successfully decarbonizing industrial process heat and moving the needle on climate change. 

We recently demonstrated the impact of public-private project financing to decarbonize America’s industrial sector by implementing six decarbonization projects at California Dairies, Inc. (CDI). In total, these projects have enabled more than 3,500 metric tons of CO2 reduction over the past year, and required zero capital expense from CDI.

Financing for these projects combined direct financing from Skyven, third-partyA Skyven heat recovery system at California Dairies Inc, one of six decarbonization projects recently implemented with public-private funding. financing from Kyotherm, and public funding from the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) Food Production Investment Program (FPIP). This approach, built on our unique EaaS model, enables industrial manufacturers to make progress on their sustainability goals without spending any money. 

To access public funding, we help manufacturers identify, prepare, and submit applications to state and federal funding opportunities, such as the CEC funding used for these projects. Our end-to-end project execution includes management of these grant funds.

Under our EaaS model, clean emissions-free heat is delivered by our systems, like our Arcturus line of steam-generating heat pumps, and then measured and verified with meters and IoT data monitoring. The manufacturing facility pays for the delivered heat at prices lower than their current natural gas costs. These savings are then shared by the manufacturer, third party financers, and Skyven for the life of the contract.

The combination of third-party financing, public funding, and deployable technology leads to profitable decarbonization for everyone involved.