We are pleased to announce that Skyven Technologies has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations (OCED) to receive $145M investment to accelerate industrial decarbonization and advance our mission of decarbonizing industrial process heat. This milestone funding will drive the deployment of our state-of-the-art Skyven Arcturus industrial steam-generating heat pumps (SGHPs) at manufacturing facilities nationwide, revolutionizing how we address energy needs while combating climate change.

This once-in-a-generation investment is a part of the $6 billion in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act funding as part of the Industrial Demonstrations Program (IDP). Skyven was one of 33 projects selected to demonstrate commercial-scale decarbonization solutions needed to move energy-intensive industries toward net-zero while strengthening local economies, creating and maintaining high-quality jobs, and slashing harmful emissions that jeopardize public health. For Skyven and its partners, this moment presents an unprecedented opportunity to spearhead a movement to decarbonize industrial steam.

“Spurring on the next generation of decarbonization technologies in key industries like steel, paper, concrete, and glass will keep America the most competitive nation on Earth,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm. “Thanks to President Biden’s industrial strategy, DOE is making the largest investment in industrial decarbonization in the history of the United States. These investments will slash emissions from these difficult-to-decarbonize sectors and ensure American businesses and American workers remain at the forefront of the global economy.”

Read the full announcement by the DOE for more details.

“We are honored to be one of the groundbreaking projects selected by the DOE. Funding of this magnitude will dramatically accelerate the decarbonization impact that we will achieve with Skyven Arcturus,” said Arun Gupta, Founder and CEO of Skyven Technologies. “We are proud and excited to deploy our steam generating heat pump, to improve the global competitiveness of American manufacturing, and to enable a clean, more equitable future for all Americans.”

Revolutionizing Industrial Decarbonization Solutions

This funding will facilitate the installation of Skyven Arcturus steam-generating heat pumps at industrial manufacturing facilities across the US. By reducing, or even eliminating, the usage of natural gas boilers, these Arcturus projects will eliminate over 400,000 metric tons (MT) of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually and enhance air quality nationwide.
Skyven Arcturus electrifies steam production and reduces carbon emissions across hard-to-abate industries, including chemicals, pulp and paper, and food and beverage. Currently, the only way to generate steam economically is to use natural gas-fired boilers, which contribute significant amounts of emissions to the environment. Skyven Arcturus, on the other hand, generates steam with zero Scope 1 emissions at temperatures and pressures required by industrial manufacturers.

Making The World A Better Place

In addition to decarbonizing industrial steam, Skyven is dedicated to ensuring that the communities surrounding these manufacturing facilities benefit from this funding. Through Skyven Arcturus projects, local air quality will be improved, thereby enhancing the quality of life for over 330,000 residents in neighboring communities. These projects will also generate employment opportunities nationwide, contributing to the cultivation of a diverse and skilled workforce essential for future industrial heat pump projects.

“Industrial heat pumps have the opportunity to improve efficiency and dramatically cut emissions from industrial thermal processes,” said Blaine Collison, Executive Director at the Renewable Thermal Collaborative. “It is great to see Skyven removing major market barriers through the combination of their Arcturus industrial heat pump, innovative financial model, and workforce development actions.”

Empowering Sustainability Through Innovative Financing

In addition to DOE funding, Skyven will also mobilize $145 million in private capital to construct these projects. Under our innovative Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) model, the combination of public and private funding enables industrial manufacturers to make progress on their sustainability goals without spending any money.

A Powerful Breakthrough

Reducing both carbon emissions and operating costs is possible with the right innovations. Discover the unparalleled advantages of our Skyven Arcturus Steam Generating Heat Pump:

  • Leverages high efficiencies (COP) to outperform traditional boilers
  • Connects directly into steam header and waste heat source
  • Generates steam at the same temperature, pressure, and quality of existing boilers
  • 3x efficiency compared to industry standard natural gas boilers (Arcturus COP of 2.7 (typical) or more, compared to COP of 0.83 for a boiler)
  • Operates entirely outside of the plant’s existing production processes
  • Zero downtime during installation and maintenance
  • Zero emission refrigerant – Water (GWP = 0)

Interested in decarbonizing together? Contact us today to explore how Skyven Arcturus can revolutionize your industrial processes and drive sustainable solutions for a greener future.