Skyven Technologies LLC will be making the trip across the Atlantic to attend EcoBuild 2014 in London. Skyven founder Arun Gupta will use the opportunity to explore the European PV and solar water heating markets.

“Commercial and industrial facilities in Europe don’t always have access to natural gas, so many utilize electricity to heat water. This is an expensive proposition, so solar water heating is a much larger industry in Europe than it is in the United States.”

Skyven Technologies is developing a solar PVT system, unlike any other PVT system that will be shown at EcoBuild.  The technology, dubbed Skyven Cogen System or SCS, contains proprietary optics that concentrate the sun by a factor of 1000 without the need for external tracking.  Touted benefits include high efficiency and low cost.

EcoBuild is one of the world’s largest green buildings tradeshows.  It regularly attracts 1,000 exhibitors and 45,000 visitors from 120 countries   The tradeshow will take place at the Excel London Exhibition and Convention Center from March 4th to March 6th, 2014.