Skyven joins Unreasonable Group to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges

15 OCTOBER 2019 – NEW YORK – After a rigorous selection process involving hundreds of
world-class companies, Skyven Technologies has been chosen to join 14 other growth-stage
ventures at the 2019 Unreasonable Impact Americas program. For twelve intensive days this
October, Arun Gupta, Founder & CEO of Skyven Technologies will join the other entrepreneurs
from across North America at the 10th Unreasonable Impact program to accelerate the growth of
their companies.

Impacting the future of food, energy, sustainable living and supply chains, each entrepreneur is
selected to participate based on their potential to create at least 500 jobs within the next five
years. Cumulatively, the fifteen ventures have generated more than USD $245 million in
revenue and raised USD $410 million in funding.

Skyven Technologies is a solutions provider for emissions-free industrial process heat, the last
bastion of fossil fuels which accounts for 20% of all fuel burned on earth. Through a combination
of thermal energy projects Skyven is working to turn industrial plants into their own heat source,
all at no capital outlay from the customer. Instead, Skyven charges for the heat that the system
provides, at a rate that is lower than the customer is paying for delivered fuel. Ultimately,
Skyven’s unique model enables the adoption of renewable and energy-efficient technologies,
helping manufacturers stay competitive in the face of a changing landscape.

Unreasonable Impact is an innovative partnership between Barclays and Unreasonable Group
that supports high-growth ventures tackling some of the world’s most pressing social and
environmental challenges to scale and create thousands of new jobs. Each program connects
the entrepreneurs to a global community of world-class mentors and industry specialists,
including experts from across Barclays.

Joe McGrath, Global Head of Banking at Barclays, said, “We are delighted to welcome the
latest cohort of ventures on to the program and to partner with Unreasonable Group to support
them on their journey to scale. At the forefront of innovation in their sectors, we continue to be
inspired by each entrepreneur as they challenge the status quo with their impactful solutions.”

Daniel Epstein, Founder and CEO of Unreasonable Group, said: “Unreasonable Impact
represents one of the fastest-growing networks of impact ventures in the world, demonstrating
that it’s possible to do well and good at the same time. We are humbled to welcome Skyven
Techologies into this global community, and we are privileged to continue to support the growth
of over 100 ventures to date.”

To date, the ventures that comprise the Unreasonable Impact community have positively
impacted more than 187 million people, reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 28.8 million
tons, and generated more than 20,000 net new jobs. The companies have also raised more
than USD $2 billion in funding. Skyven Technologies joins this notable global network in its
shared effort to create thousands of jobs on the frontier of the green economy.
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The participating companies include:

  • 75F: Utilizing the Internet of Things and the latest in cloud computing to create systems that
    predict, monitor and manage the needs of buildings.
    80 Acres Farms: Converting urban spaces into ultra-efficient indoor farms that produce
    accessible, tasty, and affordable local food year-round.
  • Aeroseal: Sealing leaks in air ducts and vents with a patented technology that delivers comfort,
    healthier air, and substantial energy savings to homes and buildings everywhere.
  • Francis: Providing a wide range of electric vehicle infrastructure solutions that enable customers
    to lower their utility bills and achieve energy independence.
  • Igor: Transforming buildings from a fixed asset to a highly integrated, automated, data-driven
    machine built for efficiency, comfort, and agility.
  • LoveTheWild: Producing the world’s most resource efficient and environmentally friendly animal
  • Modumetal: Manufacturing a new class of nano-laminated metals that are stronger, lighter, and
    more corrosion resistant than conventional metals and alloys.
  • MycoTechnology: Increasing the availability of healthy, sustainable, and high-quality food
    options through mushroom fermentation.
  • Propel Fuels: Connecting consumers to a network of low-carbon fuel options, accelerating the
    transition to an equitable and zero-carbon future.
  • Developing prefabricated modular biodigesters to bring clean energy and
    sustainable agricultural practices to over 100 million farms.
  • Skyven Technologies: Decarbonizing the industrial sector with clean, emissions-free solutions
    that save customers money by turning industrial plants into their own heat sources.
  • Smarter Sorting: Building the world’s first smart chemical database, using machine learning to
    provide a reuse solution for household hazardous waste.
  • Switch Automation: Making all buildings smarter and more sustainable with a platform that
    integrates data, systems, and equipment to reduce operating and energy expenses.
  • The Jackfruit Company: Making jackfruit mainstream by providing consumers with this delicious,
    healthy, sustainably-sourced meat alternative that also improves farmer incomes.
  • TreeZero: Fighting deforestation by making North America’s only 100 percent tree-free, carbon-
    neutral paper products.

About Unreasonable Impact, created with Barclays

Unreasonable Impact is an innovative multi-year partnership between Barclays and
Unreasonable Group to launch the world’s first international network of accelerators focused on
scaling up entrepreneurial solutions that will help employ thousands worldwide in the emerging
green economy. Since 2016, Unreasonable Impact has hosted programs each year in three
distinct markets: the Americas, UK and Europe, and Asia Pacific. To date, the more than 100
ventures that comprise the global cohort operate in more than 180 countries, have raised over
$2.1bn USD in funding, have generated over $2bn USD in revenue, and have created more
than 20,000 net new jobs since joining Unreasonable Impact. For more information, please visit

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Unreasonable’s mission is to drive resources to and break down barriers for entrepreneurs
solving key global challenges (i.e. ensuring renewable energy reaches the 1.3 billion people
currently without electricity, reimagining the future of healthcare, or addressing the global
unemployment crisis). Through running worldwide accelerator programmes, a globally oriented
private equity fund, an extensive network of over 300 serial business leaders as mentors, and
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