Skyven’s Arun Gupta joined Alex Cameron and the Decarb Connect podcast to discuss Skyven’s evolution, the groundbreaking technology that is reshaping the landscape of industrial decarbonization, and the importance of public-private funding in scaling industrial decarbonization technology.

Carbon emissions from industrial process heat are typically considered hard-to-abate for two main reasons: (1) projects are financially unattractive and (2) additional technology development is needed. Arun and Alex explore what is needed to actually scale technology that is critical to industrial decarbonization. Here are the main focus areas of the episode:

The Triad of Success: Technology, Finance, and Implementation – Industrial decarbonization requires more than just a technological solution. It demands a holistic understanding of the manufacturing environment, an ability to secure financing, and the expertise to implement projects seamlessly within operational complexities. Arun emphasizes the pivotal role played by combining technology, finance, and implementation expertise.

The Industrial Heat Pump Revolution Arun sheds light on the transformative potential of industrial heat pumps, particularly in reducing emissions in medium to low-temperature industrial processes. With the capability to achieve up to 100% emissions reduction, the Skyven Arcturus steam generating heat pump targets hard-to-abate sectors like food and beverage, chemicals, and pulp and paper industries.

Navigating the Financial Landscape – Skyven’s success not only stems from its cutting-edge technology, but also from its innovative approach to financing. Arun reveals the company’s “secret sauce” – a strategic blend of public funding, third-party project financing, and Skyven’s own investment. This unique energy-as-a-service model has proven instrumental in making industrial decarbonization projects financially viable.

Shaping the Future: Scaling Up and Securing Capital – Looking ahead, Skyven is poised for significant growth. The company aims to triple its size over the next 12-24 months to accommodate the scale of project deployment. Skyven envisions 2024 as a milestone year, marking a substantial leap forward in its mission to decarbonize industrial process heat.


Stay tuned as Skyven reshapes the narrative of industrial decarbonization.