ESG Decoded Podcast

ESG Decoded is a podcast powered by ClimeCo to share updates related to business innovation and sustainability in a clear and actionable manner.

In this episode, Amanda Hsieh is joined by Rick Wenger, Director of Sales at Skyven Technologies. Rick has 15+ years of experience reducing energy use in the industrial sector. He has led the R&D department at Honeywell, one of the nation’s largest burner and heat exchanger companies, and has put in significant incentive dollars to work at Cascade Energy. Rick brings a wealth of process-specific knowledge to help industrials decarbonize profitably.

Listen as Amanda and Rick discuss process heat, thermal energy applied during the industrial process, consumption, and packaging. They also share thoughts about recapturing this energy for further production use. Rick talks about energy as a service, a business model that allows customers to pay for services without making an upfront capital investment.

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